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Pair your dish with the right drink, from India’s No.1 Beer, Kingfisher to the exotic Asian flavours of Peacock Cider…

Bombay Bicycle IPA

IPAs have been shipped to the subcontinent for over 250 years. Now India’s No.1 Beer, Kingfisher, has teamed up with the craft beer experts at Freedom Brewery to develop the perfect IPA to accompany Indian food.

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Peacock Cider

In Asia, the Peacock is significant for so many reasons! It can be found roaming rain forests in China whilst symbolising kind-heartedness in Japan. The proud peacock also signifies wisdom in Thailand, not to mention ruling as the national bird of India…

Peacock Cider is made with a vibrant blend of magnificent, freshly pressed apples. Expertly crafted, it elegantly complements rich, exotic Asian flavours, providing a burst of refreshment to balance aromatic spices.

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Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher is India’s No.1, the first choice of the nation from Delhi to Doddanapudi, and the leading Indian beer the world over. Brewed to a most venerable recipe for more than 150 years, it is the perfect partnership for the heat and spice of even the richest of curries.

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Lion Lager

Lion Lager is an imported premium beer from Sri Lanka; The Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Its slight sweetness and tempered hops make it an authentically refreshing lager that is perfect for washing down a fiery curry.

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Lion Stout

One of the world’s most iconic stouts… Not only is it included in Roger Protz’s famous ‘300 Beers to Try Before You Die’, it is the only beer to be endorsed by Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter. Must be tried to be believed!

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